Filming Clariyah Bo$$'s video clip

“What’s in a name?”

Shakespeare might have had you believe very little but just one look at 24 year old Clariyah Bo$$ and you might start thinking otherwise.  

This Melbourne based hip hop artist was writing poetry at 12, turned to rap at 15 and by the age of 17 was pursing it as a professional career. Since then, she has made quite the mark on the music industry having acquired nearly half a million followers online and was picked up by triple J Unearthed in 2018, with the radio station declaring that:

  "Her music utilises crisp production to lace her narrative of struggle via sharp flows and clever rhymes" 

- Triple J Unearthed

Taking inspiration from 90s hip hop acts such as Tupac and Lauryn Hill; @therealclariyahboss  uses the genre as a means of lyrical expression and healing for difficult situations she has experienced throughout her life. Her candid nature and frank lyrics have enabled her to create powerful connections with her fans and help build over 225k followers on her YouTube channel. Her recent headlining appearance at ‘Freshies Block Party’ (held in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane) was an incredible success and is vindication that the sky truly is the limit when it comes to Clariyah Bo$$.

VLS Collective recently paired up with the guys over @marshallstreet.studios to help dress and style Clariyah for her latest video clip ‘Bo$$’. The filming took place at their studios in Bundoora, Victoria where they have a particular interest in hip hop, artist coaching & branding.

All hands were on deck the day of the shoot with a mammoth creative team of Winston Bae (videographer - @wnstn_bae), Leah Daly (photographer - @glitchedcreative), Bennett Ferguson (Director - @bennett.ferguson) & VLS Collective (Stylist). The day went down without a hitch and Clariyah delivering an epic performance. (Look out for more collaborations from this creative combo coming soon!)

Follow the link here to see the final cut of her music video clip 'Bo$$'.

Clariyah’s relationship to hip hop and her musical passion speaks directly to the core ethos of VLS Collective and we feel honoured to have had the opportunity to collaborate with such an incredible rising star. 

 “Hip hop culture means a lifestyle, a form of expression. It means struggle, rhythm, art, experience, life lessons and freedom through voice. It’s a variety of things that all come together as one and that’s what makes it so beautiful."                                                                                                                                   - Clariyah Bo$$







Videographer: Winston Bae

Photographer: Leah Daly

Director: Bennett Ferguson

Artist: Clariyah Bo$$

Stylist: Victoria McGuigan