Established from humble beginnings, VLS Collective is a fashion apparel brand that was born in a garage off a Melbourne laneway in 2017. Since then, VLS Collective has picked up pace and become a force of its own. It champions the unique, encourages the individual and exists purely to inspire self-expression. We cherish the right to pave our own paths in life.

Benjamin Disraeli once said, "Never complain; never explain", for to do so is to give away two of your most valuable resources; your time & attention. The act of explaining shifts your position from offense to defence, effectively weakening your standpoint. Elbert Hubbard later furthered ‘your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you anyway’. These simple yet frank idioms are the guiding mantras and foundation on which VLS Collective was built.

With a mix of athleisure, streetwear & tailored clothing VLS Collective infuses multiple aesthetics to help write your own narrative, however you choose to define yourself. Besides, since when was abiding by the rules ever fun…?

Founder & Creative Director Victoria Louise Sylvia was born & raised in Sydney. With a love for big cities & international cultures, she completed her fashion studies in both Sydney & Paris; lived in London & has thus far shot for VLS Collective in both Melbourne & New York.

She seeks much of her inspiration from musicians & artists with a unique point of view that have often been considered ground breaking for their time; but most of all from the persons & personalities throughout history that have chosen to live life by their own set of rules.

Come join the movement that is VLS Collective. Be bold, be brave & remember… "Never complain; never explain".